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GLi brings its 90’s style to modern pop by blurring the line between electronic music and hip hop. Husky J, BMac, Rare Breed, GBlok, and J(. )( .)$E started out as 5 kids hailing from Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, and Cape Cod that all met their first day of college in Boston. Realizing they had similar tastes in music, the group began playing together several times before formally starting a band. Since forming in 2008, the group has set out to emulate the sounds of popular music in the mainstream, all while maintaining their own creative influence and style.

Green Line Inbound got their start performing in basement keg parties around Boston, and have since been the recurring weekend soundtrack to clubs and venues all along the East Coast. With two extended residencies, a number of headlining shows, festival performances, and several shows opening for acts of national acclaim, Green Line Inbound is quickly gaining exposure with their catchy songs and in-your-face live presence.

Their music has the right balance of dance, hip-hop, and energy to keep any party going, and GLi aims to bring their music to audiences all across the country.

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